Ronin's IRC guide

Welcome to my IRC guide. These pages have 4 sections, guide for downloading files on IRC, setting up a file server (for those who want to contribute), howto on using CRC and how to make a patch for corrupt files using zidrav.

Use the left frame to navigate through the pages. If you're frame-challenged, too bad for you :P

If you have some suggestions or comments about the page, I can be found at
at channels #soldats, #animehaven or #animecentral
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Do not contact me if you don't understand the guides.. I only fix them if there's some inaccurate information. Note that this e-mail account is only for receiving, I cannot send back any mail. So if you have anything that you want to be answered, contact me via message on irc.

Update 18.01.2003: Added the FAQ section, since even AFTER I put that previous "not able to respond to e-mail", people still mail me asking "how do I...". So I'll be putting the questions there, forwarding the asker to the proper quide part and making fun of him/her in the process. (Don't complain.. If you can't read, it's not my fault)


Also note that I hold the copyright on everything in these pages, except for the program screenshots, which are the property of the respective creators. I will not allow for ripping/copying/distributing of the material without permission. Linking to the pages is ok, but I advice discretion even in that, since the page is on shared T3, and I already got a note of excessive bw usage. DO NOT SPAM THE ADDRESS CONSTANTLY, ONLY GIVE IT TO THOSE WHO NEED IT! That said, get on with reading the guide.. It's made to help people, but I have to consider the fact that I need the shell for other stuff also, so don't abuse it. It's a free service I provide to you even though I need to pay for it myself. Treat it as a priviledge, not a right.