This section is added because obviously a lot of people can't understand the words "I can't/won't answer any e-mail". I still get a few (read 5<<20) e-mails every week asking about something that's already on the guide. So I'll add the questions here, answer them and ridicule the asker at the same time as much as I can. Keep sending those e-mails, they're funny to read at times, especially because of the engrish..

Question: Why was the site down a while ago?

Answer: This was because I got a notice of excess bandwidth usage from the shell, and I was trying to find out what was the actual reason. I couldn't think of anything else than AJ with their 2000 (stupid?) leechers and a bot that spammed the address every 5 minutes.. Read the main page for my few rules on how to use the site (I don't ask much, but I provide this at my own cost, so don't ignore my wishes you idiots) ~.~

Question: Hi there man ... i was just wonderin if u knew whether the fansubs for Shaman King r gonna continue subtitling or not .. coz ive reached part 42 and there rnt any more subbed versions after it ... and furthermore if they did stop stubbing, do u know the reason why? thanks a lot man ill really appreciate this

Answer: I provide download guide, not a list of who subs what, when, why and so on. If you want to know if the group you downloaded episodes from wants to continue series X, go ask them... And for those that DON'T know this yet, the little things called letters form the group credits in the episode, and those credits tell you where to go to find the group.

Question: im not sure how to use mIRC for ftp downloading (stuff from your site), i tried, but couldnt make heads or tales of the download guide. ive used unlimited ftp before, but not mIRC. more specifically, i need to know: how to access the ftp on soldats through mIRC, and how to pick and download the files. help plz, i tried downloading some of the stuff from kazaa, but the people who have it have mind-numbingly slow internet connections

Answer: mIRC isn't used for ftp downloads. The guide specifically says file servers, and shows how to use said servers. If there are any ftps with anime, they show as ftp ads, not fserv ads.
You need at least the IQ of 80 and the English skills needed to watch anime to use the guide. So if you can understand enough English to read the subtitles, you can understand the guide, and it only requires that you follow the instructions step-by-step. If you just say "I read your guide but don't know how to download", it either means you're abhorrently inept at following instructions, totally illiterate or just plain dumb. It's written with the intention that anyone can use it to get the idea of irc downloads.
As I like to point out, "I'm sorry, but if you can't understand the guide, your brain(s) must be defective, and should be replaced as the warranty states".

Question: im still lost on how to get the files! i got to the Chat with the server, and im still trying to get the file! im so lost!

Answer: Well... I think this very clearly demonstrates the inability of people to read simple words... First there's the little fact I've mentioned 3 times now on the pages that I cannot answer to the mails you send to that address.. I wonder which one of them you didn't understand?
Then there's of course the part where you say you're still lost. I assume you stopped reading the guide after you saw how to use the triggers, since right after that it explains the commands to use to get files. THE GUIDE CAN'T HELP YOU IF YOU DON'T FUCKING READ IT!


Qestion: I don't understand on how to download stuff on mIRC I read the help faq but I still don't know how. Please help me

I-think-I-have-a-deja-vu-answer: Umm.. I suppose there's no kind way to tell this.. Your brains are defective. Please shoot yourself to death.. Seriously speaking, like I said in one of the previous answers, "You need at least the IQ of 80 and the English skills needed to watch anime to use the guide", which means (if you got lost in the long sentence): If you can read the subtitles, you can read my site. If you understand the subs, you understand my English. Unless you have the IQ of a rock, you should be able to follow written instructions, especially since there are pictures (!) to help illustrate the point. When someone asks me something like this I get the feeling they're not even bothering to read the guide, and just want to pester me. Well, for you I say: screw you fgt, go back to your mothers basement.

The next one will be a bit longer than usual.. ph33r th3 ignorance...

Hei Ronin,
I read your FAQ and I think you shouldn't get pissed off that much, it ain't good for your health! Ignorance is a bless...
So, like it seems your very useful for all of us please take it easy! I thought scandinavian men were very chill and calm people...

Hiippakunta te myŲhempi


PS: Does everyone really hates french? Wasn't it a french guy who started irc?

--> Well, 1st of all, your Finnish sucks. 2nd, I don't really get pissed off, I'm just VERY amazed at how fucking stupid people can be.. And I don't see what ignorance being BLISS has to do with anything here? Ignorance is the very reason I have to write answers to questions that are already answered in the damn guide.

I don't know where you get your stereotypes from, but scandinavians are just as much human as any other, and you can't just generalize a part of the world like that.

It's possible you haven't seen french leechers at action, or you're on the same level so you can't comprehend what other people dislike about them, so I might forgive you that. But as for french inventing irc? No, that was actually a finnish guy, which you'd know if you had any sense to check up on things before throwing out stuff like that.

And just as a side note: I can get as pissed off I want when people don't show one fucking bit of intelligence in their activities. I did this guide to get rid of the people who need help in learning how irc works (where these people come from, I have no idea, they seem to have appeared in the last 12-18 months), but as a result, the amount of pestering I get hasn't lowered one bit, jut increased. Seems that every leecher considers him/herself special, and after "reading" the guide they consider themselves my best friends. So they bombard me with questions already answered, and get pissed off at me when I tell them to read the guide again. So what the fuck do you expect me to do? Just smile and pat them on the back? Their parents doing that obviously lead us to this era of pampered fucktards who can't do shit for themselves..

I so do hope that cleared up something for you..

And on to other things.. today we have a real gem:

i would like to download some anime from the channels but i cant seem to find your channel ..may i know what irc server are you on?
Thanks alot!!
Happy Chinese New Year! :)
Aprilynn (i'm from Singapore)

-->I dunno.. maybe if you had read the main page, you would have noticed I actually mention where I can be found on IRC? Of course I might expect too much when I assume people can read.. but then again, I also say there I can't answer e-mails, and people still mail me.

PS. wtf does you being from singapore has anything to do with anything? Unless you wanted to put weight on the matter that also singapore creates people who are less-than-attentive.